Friday, April 02, 2010

Fac, ut tecum lugeam

Långfredag, och vi lånar ord från Bonaventura:

Recordare sanctae cruceis
Qui perfectam vitam ducis,
Delectare iugiter
Recordare sanctae cruceis
Et in ipsa meditare

Quum quiescas aut laboras,
Quando rides, quando ploras,
Doles sive gaudeas ;
Quando vadis, quando venis,
In solatiis, in poenis
Crucem corde teneas.

Crux in omnibus pressuris,
Et in gravibus et duris
Est totum remedium.
Crux in poenis et tormentis
Est dulcedo piae mentis,
Et verum refugium.

Crux est porta paradisi,
In qua sancti sunt confisi,
Qui vicerunt omnia.
Crux est mundi medicina,
Per quam bonitas divina
Facit mirabilia.

Crux est salus animarum,
Verum lumen et praeclarum
Et dulcedo cordium.
Crux est vita beatorum,
Et thesaurus perfectorum,
Et decor et gaudium.

Crux est speculum virtutis,
Gloriosae dux salutis,
Cuncta spes fidelium.
Crux est decus salvandorum,
Et solatium eorum
Atque desiderium.

Crux est arbor decorata,
Christi sanguine sacrata,
Cunctis plena fructibus,
Quibus animae eruuntur,
Cum supernis nutriuntur
Cibis in coelestibus,

Crucifixe ! fac me fortem,
Ut libenter tuam mortem
Plangam, donee vixero,
Tecum volo vulnerari,
Te libenter amplexari
In cruce desidero.

Käck engelsk tolkning från 1887:

THOU on perfect way befalling,
And the sacred cross recalling,
Livest in supreme delight ;
On the cross forever thinking.
Be its lessons ever singing
In thy heart from morn till night !

When thou toilest or reclinest,
Laughest or m sorrow pinest,
Whether thou hast bliss or pain,
When thou walkest, when thou runnest,
Solace seekest, or pain shunnest,
On thy heart the cross retain !

In all trials sore surrounding,
And in miseries abounding,
Find the cross a perfect cure !
When we faint in pain and anguish,
When with weariness we languish.
Stands the cross a refuge sure !

Stands the cross, of heaven the portal,
Through which pass the saints immortal
Who have conquered all below.
The cross is th' elixir precious
Through which God supreme and gracious
Makes his healing mercies flow.

Find the cross the soul's salvation,
True and clear illumination,
It is sweetness, it is light ;
Life it is with benediction,
Treasury of all perfection.
Honor, glory, and delight.

In the cross see virtue's mirror,
In the cross safe guide from error,
Without which would hope expire.
Ye distrustful of salvation,
In the cross find consolation.
The fulfilment of desire.

See the cross, the tree embellished,
Which by blood of Christ is cherished ;
Full of every fruit it stands
With which hungry souls are nourished.
And in heavenly soil has flourished.
Food for the celestial bands.

Crucified ! make me enduring,
For thy death my grief assuring ;
Make me weep till I expire !
That with thee I may be wounded,
By thy presence be surrounded.
Through the cross is my desire.

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