Friday, March 09, 2007


(Jag är ytterligt generad över de fantastiska komplimangerna (fasces tal framkallade tårar), och tackar er innerligt. Jag är generad. Prisutdelningen kommer för övrigt på måndag.)

In other news, så har 300 nu haft premiär och den verkar något halvdann. Det sorgliga är att jag lär ser den, ty jag har en passion för B-film. Salon skriver:

"300" marches forward with an almost insane degree of authoritativeness. Spartan he-men spout declarative sentences like "Only Spartan women give birth to real men!" and sneer at their fellow city-staters, the Athenians, calling them -- with straight faces -- "boy lovers." Then they don battle garb consisting of leather Speedos and flowing deep-red capes; when the fighting starts, they add helmets and strap-on shinguards, but their pectorals, and the rippling contours of their washboard stomachs, remain exposed, Village People style. In one scene, Leonidas watches as a young soldier demonstrates his spear-chucking prowess: "Fine thrust!" he says, nodding approvingly. It's an obvious nugget of comic-book homoeroticism, but Snyder doesn't let himself, or his actors, have fun with it: The movie stays well inside its closet of self-seriousness. "

Vissa friheter med historien är väl bara att vänta:

"Ephialtes has begged Leonidas to let him fight; Leonidas, citing Ephialtes' physical weakness, declines, suggesting, instead, that he could carry food and water to the soldiers. Wanting none of that sissy stuff, Ephialtes stomps off, and is lured to the dark side by Xerxes, whose palace is a den of hot lesbo action and amputee go-go dancers.
Scoping out the scene around him, Ephialtes can't believe his bulging eyes. Xerxes tells him that if he'll swear allegiance to Persia, the most sensual pleasures imaginable will be his; to prove it, a few of Xerxes' comely slaves rub their bejeweled nipples against Ephialtes' barnacled hump -- an admirable bit of ingenuity on their part, considering some of them don't even have arms. "


Inya said...

Har absolut ingenting med saken att göra, men jag har en fråga.
Jag är med i en lekar-trupp som heter Musica Ignita, och frågan är hur man översätter/tolkar detta, ty en lärare har ifrågasatt huruvida det är korrekt eller inte.

Vore mycket tacksam om du kunde hjälpa till.

Väl mött

dudu said...

Try this site - not latin but PhD.

Love from your mom

SDIL said...

Inya-du är svarad nu.

D-thank you, mama.