Sunday, May 07, 2006


Intresserad av att lära dig grunderna i latin, men det där med grammatisk terminologi är verkligen inte din grej? En viss introduktion hittar du här i så fall:

Förklaringen av vokativ:

"As a matter of fact, if poor Caesar had gotten a chance to finish his sentence, [Et tu, Brute,] the rest of it would have guessed it.....Caesarem occidis! And the complete meaning would have been, "Even you, Brutus, are murdering Caesar!"

Unfortunately the assassins gave him no time to be grammatical.

Oh. What's that funny form of Brutus? It's actually pronounced at both ends: BROO-tay. It happens to be a special form of the word for male names when you talk TO men. No other type of word does that. Just men's names. It was actually rude to start a sentence with a man's name in that form. It had the effect of "Hey! You!"


Erika said...

Mycket trevlig introduktion för oss icke-latinare.

Bo said...

Just det.

kamagra said...

valde nice