Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I senaste TLS (10 mars) recenseras tidskriften Exemplaria; A journal of medieval and renaissance studies med följande mening:

"Few academic journals can pull of two articles about farting in one issue, but Exemplaria does it with panache."


Detta nummer av TLS är även intressant för den långa artikeln om utställningen i Turin om Le tre vite del Papiro di Artemidoro, en nyupptäckt papyrus från Egypten, som kanske kan visa den konst fom tydligen florerade under antiken. Ingressen:

"The exhibition currently at the Palazzo Bricherasio in Turin, Le tre vite del Papiro di Artemidoro: Voci e sguardi dall’Egitto greco-romano, is proving to be a remarkable cultural eye-opener. It centres on a new papyrus from Greco-Roman Egypt. The excitement this time is generated not by some luckily preserved fragment of lost literature (though this papyrus has that too, with a page or two of previously unknown Greek). It comes instead from a startling series of ancient sketches which promises to go some way towards bridging the frustrating gap between the extravagant enthusiasm of Greek and Latin writers for the masterpieces of ancient painting, and the generally unimpressive specimens that we can actually see."

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